The presence of Indonesian-German chamber of commerce and Industry (EKONID) goes back to the 1920s and the existence of Artja Domas, a monument founded in 1926 and is still being conserved by the German Embassy in Jakarta denote that German community in Netherlands Indies has a good potential to be investigated. By using materials mostly from Deutsche Wacht, a magazine published by Deustche Bund, the biggest German Organization in Netherlands Indies, this paper would like to reveal the dynamics of German Community in the Netherlands Indies. As minority, German community preserved their emotional feeling to their homeland by establishing several small German organizations to mingle with their compatriots. Later, difficult situations faced by German community during World War I raised their awareness of identity. The Deutsche Bund then was established. In 1928 Deutsche Bund that had already branches in Java and outside Java officially became German-Netherlands Indies chamber of commerce.