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  • Khanisa, 
  • Faudzan Farhana
  • Unpacks Indonesia’s latest maritime vision in the Indo-Pacific
  • Connects the Global Maritime Fulcrum with its regional implications in ASEAN
  • Adopts multiple paradigms including international relations, political economy, and law

About this book

This book covers various strategic issues around maritime security in terms of how Indonesia has sought to implement its Global Maritime Fulcrum (GMF) vision, evaluating its regional impact within ASEAN. The Global Maritime Fulcrum’ vision was declared by President Joko Widodo to refocus Indonesia’s development paradigm to prioritize its maritime aspect in the Indo-Pacific. Divided across five pillars, namely: maritime culture, maritime resource management, maritime infrastructure and connectivity development, maritime diplomacy and maritime defense, the book presents that the implementation of this vision will doubtless have a significant regional impact, particularly in setting regional maritime agendas. In promoting an understanding of the challenges presented in implementing the Global Maritime Fulcrum and unpacking its multifaceted impact in the region, this book delves into Indonesia’s maritime vision, the existing maritime arrangements within ASEAN, and Indonesia’s interests in terms of its political economy relating to the maritime sector, strategic security issues, maritime diplomacy, and related regional power dynamics. Translated from Bahasa Indonesia into English, the book is relevant to scholars and policymakers in maritime studies, international relations, and regional studies relating to politics and power dynamics in Indonesia, specifically, and ASEAN more broadly.

Editors and Affiliations

  • BRIN: National Research and Innovation Agency, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Khanisa, Faudzan Farhana