Penulis : Tuti Ermawati

Abstrak :

Many Countries are switching from fuels energy to bioethanol as their main source of energy in the economy along with declining supply of fossil fuel. This paper aims to analyze the development of bioethanol use in Brazil, US and Thailand and to capture the lessons learned for Indonesia to make bioethanol as a reliable energy source. The result shows that successive development of bioethanol in those three countries requires political will and community support. Policies in each country are different depend on the characteristics of the economy and society. There are seveal lessons learned. First, employing abundant raw material for bioethanol. Second, creating incentive scheme for both consumers and producers to attract them using bioethanol. Third, building cooperation with automotive industries to comply bioethanol for vehicles. Fourth, the goverment need to work hardly to establish many fuel stations that provides a blending of bioethanol so that the public can access bioethanol easily.