Jakarta- BRIN Public Relations. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Organization (OR-IPSH) is one of organizational structures under the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). “Preparation of the Rumah (Home) Program for IPSH is a follow-up on the restructuring of organization and management of research at BRIN in the Social Sciences and Humanities (IPSK), which was later confirmed by Regulation of the Head of BRIN No. 10 of 2021 concerning the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Organization (OR-IPSH),” said Acting Head of OR-IPSH, Ahmad Najib Burhani, in Jakarta, Monday (21/01).

Najib stated in more detail that the Rumah Program is geared to be the home for knowledge production that meets the ethics and integrity of research or excellent outputs, the research and scientific activities that contribute significantly to responding to social and humanities issues, and development of healthy academic community.

In the long run, it is hoped that Indonesia can become the home and host for the development of social sciences and humanities that contribute more broadly to the development of the scientific world on a global scale. “The Rumah Program is expected to serve as the guideline for the direction of IPSH development towards Indonesia 2045,” continued Najib.

Therefore, the aspects of continuity and change need to be considered. The aspect of continuity, said Najib, is to see what need to be there, maintained and become the basis for the existence of this nation in 2045, which are “Indonesianness, identity and character as a nation,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the aspect of change refers to various changes in society that must be responded quickly and accurately by researchers, namely Contemporary Dynamics.

Several research results in the form of national and international journals have been produced by fellow researchers under OR-IPSH, which have been published by reputable institutions such as Springer, Najib said. The researcher human resources in the field of IPSH with their expertise, competence and research have thus far been the main basis (core) in the preparation of the Rumah Program and implementation of future Social and Humanities research, besides of course the strength of scientific networks at the national and international levels. “Collaboration is also built with institutions and organizations, both national and international, which are still being developed today,” he concluded. (nan/ ed: mtr)

Source: https://international.brin.go.id/news/ipsh-home-program-forerunner-of-social-sciences-and-humanities-production/