Jakarta – BRIN Public Relations. The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Organization (IPSH RO), promotes two program homes (rumah program), namely the ‘Indonesianness’ Program Home (RP-1) and Contemporary Dynamics Program Home (RP-2). These two program homes are to contribute knowledge (knowledge production) to the achievement of the Indonesia’s 2045 vision by observing the aspects of continuity and change. A total of 92 design research proposals from 10 research clusters included in the IPSH Program Home will be discussed in a seminar on Design Research as presented in the opening remarks by Head of IPSH RO, Ahmad Najib Burhani, Monday (07/03).

This Design Research Seminar is the milestone of the program home activities which started from call for proposals in November last year, until acceptance of proposals at the end of December 2021. “This Design Research Seminar is the foundation for our research in 2022. By attending this seminar, it is hoped that researchers will have a solid research design and then be able to carry out research smoothly, and produce interesting new findings,” said Najib.

Najib further explained that without solid design research, it is possible for researchers to spend a lot of time in the field, spend a lot of money, but not get good results. “Strong Design Research will be the guideline for conducting an effective, efficient and successful research,” affirmed Najib.

Similarly, Trina Fizzanty, IPSH Program Coordinator, said that this seminar will be held in parallel for four consecutive days from Monday 7 March to 10 March, inviting more than 40 experts from various institutions as well as 21 BRIN internal experts.  Later in the seminar, the participants can provide inputs directly or in writing, she said.

This Design Research Seminar is also the momentum for us to introduce six Research Centers that are currently part of the IPSH RO. The Rumah Program is a program construction designed to produce superior knowledge in the framework of supporting achievement of the Indonesia’s 2045 vision. To support this vision, this Program Home is designed to be open to researchers at BRIN as well as collaboration between BRIN researchers and researchers from outside BRIN, even outside the country, explained Trina. Trina emphasized that the Indonesianness- Program Home and the Contemporary Dynamics Program Home are directed, among others, to become the homes for: 1) Production of knowledge that meets the ethics and integrity of research and excellent outputs; 2) Research and scientific activities that contribute significantly in settling social and humanities issues; 3) In the long run, it is hoped that Indonesia can become the home and the host for the development of social sciences and humanities that contribute more broadly to the development of sciences in a global scale, Trina concluded. (arial/ed:suhe)

Source: https://international.brin.go.id/news/brin-ipsh-research-organization-promotes-two-program-homes-to-support-achievement-of-indonesias-vision-2045/